Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Own Gear

As a musician myself I understand the emotional connection that a piece of equipment can inspire. I have been permuting keyboards for 15 years and have settled on this current blend of combo organs, electric pianos, synth and oscillators:

(I just nipped these photos off the Web. I will add my own photos shortly)

Acetone Top 1 combo organ

Wurlitzer Student Model electric piano
Hohner Pianet N electric piano

Hohner Symphonic 320 combo organ
(No photo on WEB. I will take my own photos soon)

Farfisa combo organ

Suzuki mini organ

Cheapo electric piano/harpsichord

Roland Promars monosynth

HP sine generator x 2

Kenwood analog function generator

Tom Henry VCO and ADSR (home built)

555 Oscillator series (Vunderbox I to VII home built)

I have also had the pleasure to play a Farfisa Professional for many years, an RMI electric harpsichord, a REAL harpsichord (no electronics there), a Farfisa FAST 5, various Fender Rhodes, Acetone Top-5, Yamaha CS-60 and god knows what else.

I perform solo shows using 1/4" tape loops running on a variety of portable reel-to-reel machines and have amassed a collection of about 14 of those as well in various conditions. I record on 4 track and mix and edit on a MAC. I am dedicated to creating music in a comfortable, cost-effective way and enjoy music that has a human warmth and therefore seem to gravitate to obsolete technologies (I am not alone in this, I know). I should also mention my main collaborator - the Roland Space Echo RE 201.