Saturday, March 22, 2014

TEAC 5 (Tascam Series Mixing Board)

Board with 4 submix strips removed

I just did a once-over on a TEAC 5 board. While I was in there I re-calibrated the gain and VU meter spread on the four sub-mix channels and replaced two burnt out 6V meter lamps with a yellow LED mod. The colour is very similar and it is a cost effective solution!

Behind the VU meters
Fried 6V Lamps

VU with old lamp

VU with Yellow LED and resistor
I replaced the filter capacitors in the power-strip because the customer was complaining about hum, and they looked stressed - Zip-Ties held them tightly to the board and I believe this force may have cracked the pads over time. I also physically isolated some wire bundles in the back from the transformer as this was inducing hum in the output stages. I cleaned every pot and switch as well. I can't remember what else I did. 

It seems like a nice, neutral board with useful (if confusing) group-mix routing options. I really like this board since each channel strip can be popped out after removing a single screw. Made for servicing. I just cleaned a Yorkville PA and it took longer to get to the pots that it did to service this entire machine!

Peak LED trim, Meter Calibration, Channel Gain trim
All 8 Channel Strips removed