Thursday, April 24, 2014

ACE TONE TOP 1 bass section fix

Good old Ace Tone Top 1

I have used an ACE TONE TOP 1 for 10 years or more and I will keep it forever. It has seen a lot of rough use but held up very well. Human error caused a problem a while back, though. Someone had cranked the bass volume knob past it's end point thinking it was a switchable pot, I presume, not knowing you needed to also select the red bass tab to get the SUBLIME and SMOOTH bass octave to function.

Anyway, that's a guess. It was returned to me with the report "thanks but the bass does not work so well, goodbye!" This is a fairly typical kind of problem. Now the whole bass section was useless and if I switched it on during a gig by accident the bottom 12 keys would play nothing.

Ace Tone TOP 1 with new bass volume pot
Somehow, mainly because the band in which I was 1/2 bassist retired gracefully around that time, I never fixed it. Then, seven years later, while peacefully chatting about something, I opened the lid and swapped out the 10k pot, re-soldered everything and put it back together in 15 minutes. Beautiful bass alive and well. This is an example of how human error can wound but not kill a piece of gear, and how easy it is to get used to limited functionality. I wish I had fixed it ages ago!!

This clip doesn't really feature the bass as there is fuzzz