Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sonic Sign New Home

Photo stolen from Yelper

When SONIC BOOM moved to its new location I had the opportunity to rewire and clean up their large vintage sign, previously hung outside another location of the store. It had suffered a bit from exposure and many of the sockets were corroded or damaged and there was a fair bit of bird poop on there, especially inside the "O"!

It was an electrically simple job that involved a lot of tedious repetition. Very satisfying to see it hanging there now, though! It weighs a ton by the way, and we hung it ourselves after a ten hour working day. Team building exercise.

I can help if you have signage of this nature that needs refitting! This one was done with custom Christmas light sockets (175 of them) and spt2 wire. The sockets were inserted from the front and clipped onto the wire in rear. It is currently all running through a single high-capacity dimmer switch. I had hoped for some amount of blinking but the boss said NO THANKS!! Probably for the best...