Wednesday, June 22, 2016

LIGHT FIXTURE restoration

A while back I rewired this fragmented fixture with new sockets and bulbs and assisted with the design and hanging. It now hangs above the front desk at the record store SONIC BOOM. This was another electrically simple but satisfyingly large project. It gets a fair bit of attention and hasn't fallen on anybody yet! It uses those 'Edison Bulbs' and brass sockets as well as gold cloth covered wire. It compliments the tone of the room (which also has chandeliers and lots of wooden beams and such). The proliferation of Edison Bulbs (at least around Toronto) is noticeable and ongoing. This project can be seen as an example of a particular aesthetic that is currently popular and shows a (healthy) ability on my part to accommodate the customer's needs. Tim Oakley (the man behind the old store's impressive window displays and my partner in the Robot Bear project) sourced the materials and conceived the finished product.