Friday, October 7, 2016



This PASSION Audio Kit PAK I10 power amp had burnt out a few cathode resistors when tubes went bad. Made in China for a Quebec based company this amp was offered as a kit at the time. This version is one of many "pre-assembled" kits made oversees to meet the demand for this relatively low cost 'audiophile' tube power amp, Google tells me, as does the "MADE IN CHINA" stamp. It delivers 30W per channel with EL34 i.e. 6CA7 output tubes and 12AU7 preamp tubes and a solid state power supply.

It now has new tubes throughout (purchased by the customer from The Tube Store in Hamilton), new cathode resistors and has been biased back to factory specifications. It has a nice test point on the chassis and trimmers for setting the bias of the four output tubes. It is shown here without its black metal tube shield.