Friday, October 7, 2016


STARK 9-66 Tube Tester

ELECTRONICS COMPASSIONATE HOUSE just got a STARK 9-66(A) Tube Tester! This suitcase unit was built in Ontario on the 1950s and can test nearly any tube you can imagine. It is having a little trouble with the octal socket at the moment but that should be possible to remedy. It is otherwise functional and quite lovely. This is a real boon as I did not plan to acquire this tool for a while. It came with some PASSION power amps in for repair and was graciously given to E.C.H. by the owner, a man of gentle disposition and generous spirit.

This machine can test many many tubes (it even has the socket base extender attachment) for gain and internal shorts and other criteria. I have other test equipment from this era but it has all become obsolete in the sense that there are newer things that have the same functionality. This tube tester has no modern equivalent and is still very useful.