Saturday, March 4, 2017

MORE RECENT JOBS - February 2017

In the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of restoring or modifying:

THORENS TD160 Turntable
   New Belt, levelled platter, light oiling of spindle, new RCA cable (preserved original internal ground scheme), strobe tested and confirmed working correctly

NAD 7175 Receiver
  Simple cleaning and light maintenance after 25 years of use.

FOSTEX 289 4-Track
  New belts after cleaning of old belt residue from transport, full cleaning of all pots and switches, re-soldered input jacks 1-4, headphone, AUX (all cracked joints)

KORG Stage Echo (loss of echo signal after several hours of use with new belt, wow and flutter)
   Cleaning of heads and all parts of tape path, new felt on the "cleaner", new tape-loop, re-tensioning of tape guide, cleaning and light oiling of pinch roller and bearings

YAMAHA DX-7 (one key not responding)
   Repaired key-contact switching for the affected key and several others

NUMARK TT-1 Turntable
   Modified to use internal ground scheme

PIONEER Quadrophonic Pre and Power amps
   Full cleaning of all pots and switches, cleaning of speaker-muting relay

TECHICS SL-2000 Turntable (too fast, beyond range of pots)
   Adjusted internal speed control trimmers, cleaned trimmers, strobe tested

FENDER POWER CHORUS Guitar Amp (noisy, dirty)
   Full cleaning after prolonged storage

MARANTZ 5000 Tape Deck
   New drive belt after cleaning of tape transport mechanism, VU bulb replacement, soft door release mechanism disabled (broken gear not replaceable), adjusted motor speed for proper playback, adjusted Bias osc levels, matched playback volume for R/L channels

DELUXE Memory Man (no echo)
   Cleaning of DELAY (speed) pot restored proper functions, the OSC was operating at too low a frequency due to the dirty pot

TECHNICS 1200 x 2
   RCA cable replacement with rugged, high-quality substitute. Both units suffered from periodic drop-outs cause by intermittent breaks in the original cables

SANSUI 8080DB Receiver
   Full cleaning of all pots and switches restored it to proper working order.

And again, surely more that I have forgotten. This month involved a lot of cleaning and light maintenance and it was a pleasure to help so many people overcome their frustrations with some basic servicing.