Thursday, May 18, 2017


SHARP VZ-3500 Linear TT / Cassette Boombox (speakers not shown)

Spring is here and with it comes spring cleaning and fresh starts. Why not freshen up your sound system? I have been delighted to spruce up a variety of integrated amps and other stereo equipment for some people lately. In almost all cases the problems have turned out to be minor and fully addressable. Here are a few examples that required next to nothing in parts cost (one TT motor, a 12V bulb, some LEDs) and minimal labour. All of these units were brought back to fully working condition for less that $100, often much less.

NIKKO ND100W Cassette deck - high frequency noise on playback
 - cleaned internal record switch. Bias oscillator signal was leaking into playback.

MACKIE 1202-MZ Mini Mixer - unreliable
 - full cleaning including master send select buttons (causing intermittent drop-outs)

TECHNICS SL 1400 Direct Drive Turntable - left channel dead
 - New RCA installed

CEC HD53 Headphone Amp - erratic left channel
 - Cleaned and reseated all ICs

ROTEL RX 602 and 202 - erratic, noisy, dropouts
 - full cleaning of all pots and switches

LUXMAN L-410 - condition unknown, pulled from extended storage
 - full cleaning and testing of all INS/OUTs

LUXMAN M-02 Power Amp - distortion at all volumes, VU backlights dead
 - cracked/dry solder in driver stage and protection relays repaired.
 - LEDs to replace VU backlights.
 - full cleaning of all pots and switches.

LUXMAN C-02 Pre-Amp - erratic, noisy
 - full cleaning of all pots and switches

HARMON KARDON hk330 VI Receiver - LCD screen dead, volume knob loose
 - new 12V mini-bulb for LCD backlight, tighten volume pot

HARMON KARDON 430 - no output right channel, turner dial broken, bulbs out
 - right channel speaker protection fuse blown. Cleaned selector switch and tested for safe operation (expected output levels, low DC offset). Repaired tuner assembly. Replaced fuse-style bulbs with LED equivalents.

MARANTZ 2235 Receiver - no output, bulbs out
 - cleaned speaker protection relays, replaced fuse-style bulbs with LEDs.

TECHNICS SLBD 20D Turntable - too slow (progressively slower after exteded use)
 - Confirmed defect of DC servo motor, replaced. Strobe calibrated, confirmed working.

SHARP VZ-3500 Linear Turntable Boombox - not working at all
 - cleaned degraded belt from TT assembly, replaced belt. Replaced Linear Motor belt.
 - cleaned all pots and switches. TT, tape and radio working again.

CASIO CZ-3000 - two broken keys
 - repaired keys, full cleaning and testing.