Monday, September 11, 2017


Summer has passed us by. I was in the garage. Missed it altogether! Here is a sample of some of the things that came through recently.

Drip Electronics PULTEC EQP1A kits x2. These kits were partially built by the customer. I finished the wiring to the panels and tested and calibrated the units.

Drip LA2A Levelling Amplifier - Testing and troubleshooting.

1176 Limiters x2 - ground issues and power supply cap replacement.

FENDER PRINCETON REVERB Amp - faulty ground connection causing oscillations and noise and a failed resistor in the HT supply.

FENDER SUPER REVERB - Early 70s Fender bassman that face-planted. Confirmed safe operation, isolated bad pre-amp tube. Confirmed bias and all voltages.

HAMPTONE Tube pre-amp - Recap.

D&R Mixer - IC replacement, resistor replacement (bad IC cooked power supply).

LINE 6 Delay Unit - power supply (internal) repair. Fault caused by incorrect wall wart (common issue).

PHILLIPS 209 Automatic Turntable - a cranky TT from the early 70s. Had problems with the discrete transistor flip-flop circuits in its brain. Totally degraded rubber parts (idler wheels, belt) and other frustrations. Fully restored to working condition.

ALLEN & HEATH DJ Mixer - headphone jack tip stuck in jack. Bleeding fader. Repaired jack and cleaned fader.

Various Headphone repair - cable replacement etc...  a pain in the butt but often worth it.

ELECTRO-VOICE Dynamic Mic repair - changed to XLR high-impedance from original 5 pin cable (mic has 2 impedance options wired internally).

PIONEER Tape Deck - stuck tape preventing door from opening. Disassembled and removed.

TECHNICS 1200 x2 RCA replacement.

MARANTZ 1530 Receiver - bulb replacement and cleaning.

STANTON DJ Turntable - ground issues, motor issues. Repaired, lubricated.

HOHNER Symphonic 320 organ repair. Adjusted several oscillators that had drifted causing the overtones to dominate the tone. Ds sounded like As, Bb sounded like F, etc... Minor calibration restored the tuning. THIS WAS JUST ME (much of my own gear is in need of maintenance)! I have possessed this organ for years and am happy to have it back in shape.

...and certainly more that I have forgotten as well, as usual.