Sunday, January 24, 2021


2021 is here and I now stock motors for Tascams and other MTRs. These are not drop-in replacements, but can be used to replace a worn Mabuchi EG-530YD-2B, etc...

These are not for sale, but it will reduce wait times and cost of repairs on any MTR with motor issues! This is in addition to my normal rotating stock of pinch rollers, belts, idlers, ICs, passive components etc. 

Different Tascams use different circuits for motor speed control and speed switching. E.C.H. motors have the correct voltage, RPM and direction of rotation but different modifications are required for each model of MTR. Calibrated using a 500hz/1Khz test tape made on a Nakamichi cassette deck after replacement.

Please inquire if you have an MTR with a bad motor, maybe I can help!