Friday, January 29, 2021


I will take care of them.

Typically $150 - $225 for a full service* consisting of mechanical and electrical cleaning, head cleaning and alignment, new tape loop, calibration of bias and rec level for ideal feedback characteristics, felt replacement, tension adjustment, and troubleshooting. The machine can be set-up to your preference.

*I do not replace bearings, motors or pinch rollers without cause. Be careful if someone tells you "your motor is dead" as that is rarely the case! Cumulative friction across the heads due to shed and grime is usually the cause of extreme pitch issues and a stuck tape. Space Echo motors are brushless and have a simple bearing that can be replaced IF NEEDED and are very reliable. Some motors need the shaft and bearing cleaned due to past oiling misadventures or heaving smoking environments. This requires removing and disassembling the motor which adds bench time but is still MUCH more cost effective than purchasing a new motor from those Australians. Roland pinch roller chemistry is excellent and they do not dimple due to the solenoid releasing tension when the machine is off (unlike many earlier tape echoes). I wouldn't advise replacing the pinch roller unless it is severly cracked. I beseech you, allow me to service it like Ikutaro Kakehashi intended. I can't tell you how many I have seen with the original cleaning kits untouched and original loops still on, like it was a spiritual practice as opposed to a technical one. Would you ride a bike w two flat tires and never oil the chain for decades?? Ye olde motor is fine! 

I have serviced more than 50 ROLAND Space Echoes including all models in the product line RE100, 101, 201 (by far the most common), 301, 501, 555 as well as the Ace Tone precursor machines EC5, EC10, EC20, Korg Stage echoes, Evans, Elk, Teisco, Watkins, Binson, etc

Founder of Ace Tone and Roland
and designer of the Space Echo, Ikutaro Kakehashi