Monday, February 7, 2022

WINTER 2022 - E-Mu SP 1200 refurb and more...

ELECTRONICS COMPASSIONATE HOUSE is pleasantly full of synths at the moment. Korg M1, Roland Juno 60, Korg Poly 6, Yamaha CS15D and SK20, Roland SH-101 and JX-1, a DX7 and a Wurlitzer... as well as a bevy of tape machines, effects and other gear! I am working and taking on more work and always willing to discuss options or technical issues via email!

I had the pleasure of servicing this E-Mu SP 1200 last month. 

These machines suffer from dirty buttons which make using the menus difficult and also cause false triggers and multiple triggers from the play buttons, which are very frustrating symptoms.

The smaller buttons can be cleaned or replaced but the PLAY buttons are not available. Thankfully their mechanism is quite simple. Two contacts that are held apart by a small spring. The top cap can be removed and the contacts can be cleaned and adjusted. Both contacts can bend or move out of position. In the worst case, with a broken internal contact, the old piece can be removed and replaced with the leg of a component bent correctly and inserted.

Touch sensitivity is a "global parameter", not a factor of each individual button on its own, which is to say the DYNAMICS work by sensing vibration of the PCB via a Piezo glued to the board.

The machine has a thorough Self-Test function which allows the user to check all aspects of the controls, display, drive, etc...

Here are some gutshots for the fans: