Monday, May 29, 2023

2023 Springtime is Here Again

Happy Spring / Summer from E.C.H. 

Still here and still inclined to fix your vintage organs, synths, tape echoes and cassette MTRs, etc...

I guess I haven't put up any pictures since last August (!). It has been a slow winter but Spring is here again and I have dusted out the corners (literally, with compressed air) and fixed quite a few lonely small pieces as well as sorted out some of my own gear. Among the usual work for clients I spruced up three consumer cassette decks and two practice amps from thrift stores and a nice Sony PC10 that was lost under a shelf. I hate sad machines. I restored my own 414s that had been run into the ground and even finally added a "post EQ" line out for each channel for dumping to computer. I got out my Acetone Top 5 after a few years away and cleaned her up. I also bought and restored a Paia VCF and housed in a a solid box. Just good simple stuff. I tend to neglect my own gear for the sake of working for $$, but it feels good to tend to my frustrations. Helps me appreciate what I can bring to others!

So, a bit fresher, a bit cleaner, and otherwise still here for your technician needs. 

If I ever MOVE or STOP this service I will let you all know, until then inquires are always appreciated! 

Email me with any questions you might have about a project or situation and I can sometimes advise. Repair inquiries are more likely to get a response if you include the proper information (model of gear, problems you would like addressed)! 

Don't hesitate to email again if you don't hear back right away... the inbox is as cluttered as the rest of this place. Once we have chatted via email and decided to proceed with a repair I will send you phone and address information for a scheduled drop-off. No chats on the phone, but I will be happy to meet you with your equipment in person!

Here are some photos with 2004 era internet layout (maybe I will try harder next time, but I know you need me for the soldering and schematic reading, not pretty pictures!)

Tascam244 x 3 = Tascam732

Tascam 414 with individual post-EQ line outputs for dumping

TASCAM 388 Studio 8
cleaning and servo adjustment

Phillips Philcorda (Solid State)
Amp repair and divider repair

Philcorda open on the bench

Another EML 500
Full service and tuning
(mostly just keybed and tuning issues)