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ECH is an electronics repair business dedicated to helping people keep their vintage equipment working. I know how important a certain gadget can be and how frustrating it is when it breaks (or sort-of-breaks). 

It can be hard to find people willing to repair old equipment since many of the manufacturers have long since vanished. Companies that still exist do not want to spend time and effort servicing 40+ yr old products that have exceeded their designed lifetimes. I am willing to have a look! 

Many pieces of equipment suffer from common problems that can be addressed. Often a good cleaning will alleviate symptoms that made something unusable. Vintage equipment is frequently designed with repair in mind. 

So please - DONT'T THROW IT OUT (if it scratches or hums or burns or does nothing at all).

I am a musician and CERTIFIED ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN (graduated with distinction from the OACETT recognized Electronics Engineering Technician program at RCCIT 2013) and I understand and want to help! Scroll through the RECENT WORK page to see examples of past problems and solutions as well as some fun projects I have worked on.